• Organizing medical research seminars at regular intervals in order to promote the quality of research and to create an environment conducive to interaction and interdisciplinary exchanges.

  • Integrating research resources in order to create features and focus of the research.

  • Encouraging faculty members to participate in national research project and publish high quality papers to increase competitiveness and productivity.

  • Promoting joint research projects with affiliated hospitals.

  • Strengthening cooperation with the industrial sector to increase visibility.

  • Supporting international joint projects by hosting conferences conducive to exchanges.

Highlights in research

  • Basic Medicine: research on neurodegenerative disease, pathogenesis, development of drugs, molecular cancer studies, research on anti-cancer drugs, cardiovascular disease, molecular pathogenesis and drug research, genomics and protomics.

  • Health Promotion: Community health planning and care system configuration.

  • Gerontology: Integrating different aspects of gerontology, including clinical care, basic medicine and community cooperation and encouraging faculty members and students to devote themselves to studies, practices and management related to geriatrics.