International Exchanges

Internationalized education and academic exchange are current key points for higher education. FJU has more than 250 sister schools globally, which would encourage our promotion in Internationalized education and academic exchange. In order to establish the global views of our faculties and students and encourage the academic exchange, we not only strengthen the existing interaction with sister schools, but also exploit new opportunities and exchange programs with other schools/institutes

The strategy for internalization of College of Medicine

  • To elevate the English abilities of our faculties and students. International visiting scholar exchange with our sister schools will promote country-to-country research and teaching abilities.

  • To strengthen the essential interaction for faculties and students and relationships with our sister schools.

  • To undergo transnational long-distance teaching and research projects, which would provide transnational learnings for our students, and research transnational cooperation for our faculties.

  • To establish specialized classrooms for long-distance teaching, and elaborate transnational teaching programs.

  • To obtain the international certification or authentication for our departments, which will benefit our faculties and students.

  • To develop international cooperation platform for academic exchange with international communities or associations.

Current exchange directions

  • Summer programs for oversea laboratory research. The students with lab experience have opportunities to join the summer lab program in the University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston, USA.

  • Oversea clinical observership programs. The students in School of Medicine and Department of Respiratory Therapy have opportunities to visit Duke university. The students in School of Medicine and Department of Nursing have opportunities to visit Saga university, Japan at summer time.

  • Oversea clinical elective courses. Medical students could attend the elective courses in Baylor College of Medicine, USA and Temple University, USA.

  • Oversea practice courses for nursing master students to Australian Catholic University, Australia.

  • Faculty exchange for teaching and research. Our faculties in Department of Nursing would visit Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

  • Invitation of oversea experts for keynote lectures and academic exchanges.

  • Invitation of oversea experts as our distinguished professors.

  • PBL faculty workshops and experience exchange with other universities or colleges.