Service-learning in the house of dying, Calcutta, India

The Jesuit Mission Office started international service-learning by launching the program “House of Dying: Journey of Learning” in Calcutta, India in 2006. 18 faculty members from different departments and colleges of the university participated in the first-year program, and four of them were from the College of Medicine. Faculty and students shared their reflection about their service at the House of Dying and related institutes in India on different occasions and in classes. Their sharing were very thought-provoking and was well received by all the faculty members and students in the College.


The House of Dying has now become a favorite venue for youngsters to experience international service. During summer and winter breaks, young people from different nations gathered there and learned from each others. They instilled so much vitality into the House of Dying that it has now become a house of love, light and life. In 2007, the College of Medicine organized a Service-Learning Group to the House of Dying. Through volunteer service, students not only had a chance to interact with people from different national and cultural backgrounds, but also confront the issues related to the dignity of life so that they could have in-depth reflection on the nature of medical education.