Health Service Corps in Taitung

Taitung was hit hard by Typhoon Morako in 2009. To help relieve the suffering of the victims, the College gathered a volunteer group to serve in the stricken area. In 2010, the Taitung Health Service Corps was formed so that faculty and students of Fu Jen could help children of Ta-Niau Elementary School out of the post-disaster trauma, give them instruction of sanitation, and offer a wide-range of services including remedial classes, spiritual formation, and group activities. Professor and students from the Department of Public Health also conducted a field study on public health education on the community.


In July 2011, a second Health Service-Corp went to Taitung; and this time activities were designed to address issues in living, health and environment for students at Ta-Niao Elementary School and Da-Wu Junior High School. The project enables the College to fulfill its motto, “to enrich oneself by reaching out to serve others.” The faculty and students were given a chance to serve the disadvantaged groups with their professional skills and training.

A. Living

Through remedial classes, group activities, and thematic exercises, children learn to cooperate and interact with others. It also offers a channel for emotional expression so that they can better appreciate themselves and establish self-confidence.

B. Health: Health education, spiritual care

  • Fu Jen Exercise: Students teach elementary kids to do Fu Jen Exercise for improving their physical strength and how they can release stress through exercise.

  • Spiritual Care: Students design activities such as Bombarded by Praise, Art Practice, and Collection for Happiness.

  • Sexual Education: The content includes sexual education and health education for the adolescents.

  • Dental Hygiene: Content of the education includes introduction to dental care, ways of preventing decayed teeth and Bass Brushing Technique.

For students in Da-Wu Junior High School, guitar lessons and art classes were offered so that aboriginal students, who have natural talents in music and art but do not have sufficient resources and training, can develop potentials. Through the intensive classes, students are encouraged to explore and develop their gifts more fully.


The well-organized activities covering different facets and our students’ humbled but disciplined attitude have had a very positive influence upon the children and adolescents. In the following year, many principals of elementary and junior high schools in Tai-tung County invite our students to continue working and serving at their schools with the spirit of care and love.


In 2012, Da-Wu Medical Corps was added to expand our service. Integrating the resources of the public medical service of Chang-Kung Hospital, Chia-Yi Branch, the Fu Jen Medical Corps tailor-made services for residents in Da-Wu Township. The services included 1. health education programs for elementary and junior high school students, especially in vision care, hearing care, and dental hygiene, and 2. dental examination, bone density test, blood pressure and blood sugar tests for adult citizens. It also offered financial aids to students and citizens. By doing so, the senior citizens can afford glasses for correcting their faulty vision and improve the quality of their life.


From the experiences of service, we found that the shortage of ophthalmologists in Da-Wu County has resulted in poor vision of many young children, which indirectly led to many accidents. Since 2013, we added to our service vision tests, correction and prescription of glasses, and extended our service to the local residents in general. The program will be continued so that vision problems can be minimized in the future.