Center of Elder Care Resource

With the fast aging society, educators should have foresight in preparing the advent of the growing number of senior people through their teaching, research and service. Their insight and innovation can reduce the negative impact of an aging society. In the long-term plan of the College of Medicine, we have included “Geriatrics and Long-Term Care Center” as one of our major development goals. Availing ourselves of the rich resources of a comprehensive university and the firm ground on teaching and research, the Center was established in 2012 to provide a supportive management platform for sustainable development. The Center also allows the College to integrate and maximize the current programs on the campus so that we can prepare high-quality professionals specializing in caring for the old people. Its strategic plan corresponds to the overall development of the university in that it promotes links with the industrial sector, advances interdisciplinary research and teaching, increases research productivity, enriches holistic education curriculum, and connects to service-learning. Ultimately, it enables the university to realize her goal to live out the spirit of Christian love. In the future, we will continue to enhance the efficacy of our programs and projects by expanding our links with the business sector.


Another major task of the “Geriatrics and Long-Term Care Center” is to assist the teaching, research and service related to gerontology. The rich resources of the comprehensive university allow us to create interdisciplinary clusters so that we can address the needs of the old people from the physical, social, spiritual and cultural perspectives. We also emphasize the health care for those who are disabled or in dementia. Our ultimate goal is to help the old people live a healthy life with quality. Combining our attitudes of trust, humility, cooperation, service, courage and excellence with our core value on love, we are prepared to offer care in an aged society.



Supervisor: Dr. Chi-Feng Hung, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Medicine

Director: Dr. Yi-Nuo Shih, Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy

Assistant: Ms. Wan-Ru Li

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