Clinical Skill Center

The Clinical Skill Center is a cradle for training our students to become future medical practitioners. In an environment where patients become more aware of their rights and safety, we hope to prepare students with ability to handle the complexity in clinical situations before they enter the medical care system to help our graduates minimize cases of medical disputes. The best way to learn technical skills is for students to learn through simulation and operation on models so that they can become adroit physician when they encounter real patients. It will also help reduce the sense of frustration for new doctors. To sharpen the clinical competence of both our faculty and students, the College established Clinical Research Center in August 2007. The Center is the first to introduce “Simulated Patient for Emergency Care” from Medical Education Technologies Inc. It also provides different standard patients for training teachers and students in order to promote the quality of medical education.


Major tasks at the Center include: providing facilities for students to practice clinical skills, module practice, OSCE stations, standard patient training, hosting clinical research and teaching seminars, offering space for clinical training and education. To meet the fast-advancing development in clinical technology, medical education and training should keep abreast of the changes from medical student education. The Center is equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware so that faculty and students can enjoy an ideal environment to conduct continuing medical education and support services.



Supervisor: Dr. Jiann-Horng Yeh, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Medicine

Director: Dr. Heng-Hui Lien, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine

Associate Director: Dr. Li-Ying Huang, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine

Assistant: Ms. Yen-Jen Su

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