Center for Medical Education

Center for Medical Education (CME) at Fu Jen Catholic University College of Medicine was established at 2006 according to the policy of the Ministry of Education for implementation of medical education renovation. CME at the College of Medicine therefore aims to enhance academic exchanges between faculties and to assist them to establish innovative teaching methods. The CME board committee is composed of Chief Director and full-time faculties recruited from six departments in the College of Medicine. We have regular meetings to discuss recent activities and to plan future projects in terms of faculty and teaching development.


In order to promoting the quality of teaching, CME offers different programs to our faculties for approaching new pedagogies, the most updated information of teaching software and hardware, or statistical tools in academic research. We also offer grain-in-aid to encourage our faculties to participate workshops as training exercises or to share their research results of medical education in the international conference. Grant recipients are obligatory served as seed teachers to report what they have learned from international conferences, this keeps our faculties abreast of global development in terms of medical education. Besides, CME invites outstanding scholars in the field of medical education to share their experiences in teaching materials or methods, and curricular assessment and evaluation with our faculties by seminar or workshop.


Since 2015 Aug, the Fu Jen Journal of Medicine (FJJM) was issued by CME. To enhance research quality of faculties in the Fu Jen Catholic University College of Medicine, CME continuously published high-quality manuscripts including original investigations across a wide range of medical disciplines including research articles in basic and clinical sciences or in medical education, case reports, review articles, brief reports, and letter to the editor.


Moreover, CME also helps to organize the establishment of the Museum of Medical Humanities at College of Medicine. To cooperate with the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies in the College of Human Ecology, we will not only have a brick-and-mortar exhibition hall located on the 6th floor at the E wing of the Paul Cardinal Shan Medical Building but also the online museum being available on the website of the College of Medicine. In addition to medical humanities, the histories of endoscopic surgery, insulin, neuroscience, and dialysis in Taiwan will be our exhibition themes in the future.



Supervisor: Dr. Chih-Cheng Chien, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Medicine 

Director: Dr. Lu-Tai Tien, Professor, School of Medicine

Associate Director: Dr. Tze-Wah Kao, Associate Professor, School of Medicine

Assistant: Ms. Yi-Lun Zheng

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