Emblem, Flag and Floral Symbol

Emblem and flag

The emblem is composed of four graphic elements. The staff and snake are associated to medicine, signifying respect for life and holistic care. The shape of heart represents our responsibility to the society, especially extending our assistance to the patients and disadvantaged groups. Whereas the bird is an embodiment of hope, progress and excellence, the ribbon is for friendship and collaboration. The emblem conveys the spirit of the College of Medicine, which is to value the dignity of life, to care for the society through a well-structured medical educational and integrated knowledge system, to link to the international network of medical research, and to foster medical professionals who live out truth, goodness, beauty and holiness—the motto of the university. (Designer: Yun-Xian Yu)


Floral symbol


Ginkgo, also called Ginkgo biloba, is a long-living tall arbor. It has a history of more than two thousand years in China. Traditional Chinese medicine uses ginkgo seeds and leaves as ingredients for herbal treatment for lung disease. The extract from gingko leaves contains flavonoid, often regarded as an important anti-dioxide. The leaves also help distend blood vessel, boost circulation and is said to be effective in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease because of its anticoagulant property. Ginkgo leaves is also claimed to enhance the permeability and oxygen of capillary vessels, which prevents necrotic tissue due to blood clots.