Mission and Goals


To nurture the Christian spirit in all our efforts at Fu Jen Catholic University and in the local medical community.

Core values

Truth - Active learning in the pursuit of truth.
Goodness - Respecting the dignity of life through care for society.
Beauty - Looking beyond self-interest in our concern for the whole person.
Holiness - Enriching ourselves by reaching out to others for the glory of God.


To prepare health care professionals who respect life, are passionate in their service of others, demonstrate breadth of vision and strong motivation for learning, and are proficient in knowledge and medical skills.


To achieve excellence as an educational institution in the science and art of medicine.

Short and mid-term goals

Short and Mid-term Goals of College of Medicine

To foster high-quality student : Under the impact of declining growth rate in Taiwan, it is important that the university can continue to educate high-quality professionals to sustain the development of country. The goal will be achieved by the following strategies:

  • To reinforce student recruitment through diversified entrance channels so that the College can have students with a solid background in humanities, the enthusiasm to serve the society, the spirit of teamwork, and a strong sense of empathy.

  • To revamp the curriculum by making the most of the extensive classes of a comprehensive university and implement interdisciplinary programs, such as medical humanities and psychological counseling.

  • To strengthen the PBL pedagogy through fostering tutors and compiling case studies to manifest the essence of PBL. The pedagogy is supplemented by traditional approaches of teaching to help student construct a well-structured knowledge system and its application so that they can diagnose accurately in clinical practice.

  • Besides professional knowledge and technical skills, value and moral education are key to preparing high-quality medical and public health staff. To enhance values education of the students, the following measures are taken:

    • To construct a healthy attitude toward life through humanistic curriculum.
    • To encourage students’ participation in service-learning activities organized by the university and the college. Service-learning curriculum and activities foster spiritual growth and allow practices for knowledge obtained inside classroom. Students are expected to learn to respect others, see the benefits of their patients as their priority, foster their sense of empathy, compassion and responsibility.
    • To offer guidance and psychological counseling for students when needed so that students’ EQ can be elevated.
  • To strive for internationalization by engaging actual exchanges with renowned universities worldwide and international student recruitment. Through exposures to different cultures, students can better serve in the globalized world.


To coordinate teaching, research and service amongst different departments so that they can focus on areas highlighted by the College, including geriatrics, health-care for seniors, sleeping disorder and care. The College emphasizes teamwork between the clinical and basic tracts as well as interdisciplinary cooperation.


To encourage community service. The College promotes community engagement so that students learn to shoulder their social responsibility while at the same time help improve the health of the general public in the neighboring community.


To assist the planning and management of the affiliated hospital.

Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital is the most important investment of the university after her re-establishment in Taiwan. The building of the hospital can bring all potentiality of interdisciplinary cooperation on teaching and research between different colleges into full play, especially College of Science and Engineering, College of Human Ecology, College of Management, and College of Arts. It will also sharpen the competitive edge of the College of Medicine among her peers. Professors of the College are invited to serve on the Preparatory Committee for Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital and work on upgrading the hospital to the scale of a medical center. The College also invigorates her partnership with the current three teaching hospitals to form a strategic affiliation.